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Showing of 1, reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Vinyl Verified Purchase. My old vinyl 'Rumours' was getting kinda ragged so I thought I'd replace it with this new heavy-vinyl pressing. Although the price of some of these newer vinyl discs can get very high, I've found that the higher price buys a cleaner sound, thicker vinyl, and usually a hardier sleeve and cardboard wrapper.

These improved qualities of production are existent in this pressing. The sound is very clean and the heavy vinyl means no warps or rills. Those who play vinyl usually have a cleaning machine for their records before first play which I used on this disc. First play meant a few static pops here and there but second play was as pristine a sound as I could ever imagine.

Bottom line: Expensive somewhat but if your copy is more than ten years old treat yourself to this fine new pressing.

And the next time you drop the rock, pour yourself a glass, settle back in that favorite lounge chair and let this terrific music soothe your troubled mind. Obviously this is a perfect album from start to finish. Everyone and their mother bought this record for a reason.

One incredible track after another, with many layers that unfold with repeated listens. A masterpiece. This pressing does the music justice. This one just sounds like music. All new vinyl should be pressed to this standard of quality. However, the packaging leaves something to be desired. The images look great, but it has none of the texture or heft of the original jacket, and the insert is similarly made from cheap paper rather than the heavy card stock of the original.

FLEETWOOD MAC - Rumours - ryjefyhudyqa.gq Music

Best of both worlds. In all, a superb reissue of a perfect album, with a minor complaint about the packaging. MP3 Music Verified Purchase. Reviewing such icons, such pillars of popular music, is almost not even worth it. To the end I'll keep it short and say that this album is incredible.

It belongs high on the list of best and most influential rock albums of all time. If you've never listened to Fleetwood Mac before then you owe it to yourself to give this album a go. You will recognize many of the songs just from movies and TV and will be surprised at how far reaching the influence this album has had. Audio CD Verified Purchase. Here's the thing.

This is one of the most classic albums of all time. And I think many of the reviews here are based on that fact alone. Also, since this posting includes almost all formats of the album, it should be known that I am reviewing the Japanese Super Audio CD version that was remixed into 5. I bought it.

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I listened to it. And it'll likely never get spun again for me. The 5. I have heard some absolutely brilliant modern surround mixes of classic material.

The Rumors album to me was a disappointment. It's entirely possible that the source material was just too poor to do much with Not entirely sure, but I'll stick with my original stereo copy of the album and consider this money wasted. I have always loved this album.

Had a cassette tape of it back in the 80's and wore it out while driving back and forth to college. Now that I'm older and listen to the songs again, they mean so much more to me. So many of the songs have back stories I didn't know back in the day and it's interesting now to hear them and understand where they came from.

There really isn't a bad song on this album. Hint for new users: Our message base is an incredibly rich resource of detailed information on virtually all topics pertaining to surround-sound. You will be surprised at what you can find with a little digging! JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

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Unreleased Fleetwood Mac 5. Thread starter rtbluray Start date Dec 31, Ken Caillat, who mixed Rumours in 5. He replied: I mixed the 5. And already a very quick response from JHana Music: Hi We'd love to release them on - but its a licensing issue with Warner Brothers. As you might expect, major labels are not quick of fore thought to do something cutting edge to release this music to people who may want it.

Wow, those albums would be cool. I thought Rumors was excellent. Actually, early on, it was a great disc to grab if you wanted to show what DVD-A and high resolution multichannel was all about. Perhaps this could be another lucrative project for Acoustic Sounds. I would just like if possible to have all of the artists 5.

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Or why don't HDtracks release stuff in 5. I'd prefer Blu-ray at this point, but I'd likely buy on any format. I wonder if he does get the rights, does he get to choose the format that he'd like to release it on? DennisMabry said: Yeah, just SACD. But Chad is quite the entrepreneur, not afraid to go after the niche markets.

SACD is an audiophile format. Blu-ray is not. How many audiophile quality Blu-ray players are there? One left OPPO? And none of them have multi-channel outputs anymore. Most buyers of Blu-ray players have eyes, but no ears. Not 4 ears, not even two. Old Quad Guy Quadraphonic. Berkeley, CA. MikeyH , Jan 20, Orange County, CA. Roscoe , Jan 20, I would be able to tell which is which in a blind test straight away. Ridgecrest, CA. If a mastering engineer compresses the sh! It doesn't matter what the resolution is. Dynamic range compression is a vice in the mastering world.

Compression on 24bit/96khz DVD Audio, Audio DVD or Blu-ray

If an engineer is doing a new master for a hi res format, he's more likely to keep the compression subtle, but in many cases the publisher is simply re-releasing a hi-def master from years ago, and they could care less about DR numbers. HD tracks is not to blame for this, they sell what they are given; they should put up on the site, however, that there is no standards for DR on their downloads. Some albums list the source material and mastering engineer, some don't. Great soft-to-loud dynamics. I think they had hi-fi in mind when they mixed and mastered it.

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