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My phone constantly stalls out mid function, freezing touchscreen and having to always turn off home screen and turn back on to reactivate. Battery life is not great but not extreme meltdown like my wife's. So fed up with it, I am considering Samsung Galaxy, and am willing to give up key features like handoff and Airdrop to have a phone that works when it's supposed to work. I find Apple's consistency of its software quality seems to be diminishing the last few years. For me, SIRI and iCloud syncing have gotten less reliable, and the iWork apps really took a hit when Apple chose to remove functionality from those Apps so they could create compatible Mac and iOS versions.

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Overall, I like my iPhone but my wife and kids are getting by just fine on their Android phones, and the screen on that Galaxy S6 is outstanding. I have a couple of Apps on Mac and IOS that I earn my living with, and these specific apps are not available on other platforms. If it were not for that Even today there is some advantage of OSX vs.

One avantage is that OSX is much less prone to viruses than Windows, even considering the relative numbers like virus infections per user. The second, even more significant advantage is the customer service Apple offers compared with what Microsoft offers. After switching to Apple computers in I purchased my first smartphone, a Samsung Galaxy. Unfortunately that was totally incompatible with my Mac Pro computer, so I had no choice but to return it and get an iPhone instead.

I used to have an iPhone, and I tried to like it, I really did. But the closed nature of iOS is what did it in for me. You can pry my Android phone from my cold, dead hands.

If you're a Mac user, you'd definitely be better served by an iPhone We experimented with the miasma that is the Android world 18 months ago when we felt that the iPhone world had stagnated. Within two months, my SO was ready to throw her top of the line Samsung phone against a wall We worked way way way too hard to get it to be a smooth ride for her. In the end it was just a horrid mess. I'm a mixed Mac-Android user. I have to say that, if one uses Chrome on the Mac, and Google Docs, and other services, the experience can be nearly as seamless, if not moreso.

I use PushBullet for essential functions, and what with FaceBook Messenger, have a complete system such that I don't miss the Apple solutions at all. Google has one huge advantage. It is platform agnostic. It doesn't care what you use. It works. Neither Apple nor Microsoft have this to the same extent.

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The instructions should work for all Windows 7, 8, and 10 handsets. If it works for you, please consider donating to TomW80 via PayPal. Low End Mac is funded primarily through donations. All of our advertising is handled by BackBeat Media. For price quotes and advertising information, please contact BackBeat Media at This number is for advertising only. Welcome Image and Text. Like what you have read? Like this: Like Loading So in closing this is a solid app that I would recommend to anyone seeking a more organized life.

The iPhone and this app would be better off if Apple would allow it to show more info in the top drop down menu, or show up on the lock screen. The best parts that made the Windows Phone so spectacular at scheduling, automating, and communication are lacking in iPhone. This could help with that. Overall this app helps bring you a little office windows comfort to your iPhone. That is great! If only it made the audio sound as good as the Windows Lumia It does not have Cortana news like Windows did either. You will need to get used to swiping open the left lock screen to review Cortana info.

As someone who uses a Windows 10 phone, a Surface Pro 3, and a Windows 10 laptop, I love that Microsoft has taken the road less traveled and given other platforms access to some of its popular software still waiting for Google and Apple to do that. Of course, the nature of iOS keeps Cortana from being as integrated as it is on Windows, but it's still a lot better than Siri.

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A lot, LOT better than Siri. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Description Microsoft Cortana is your smart personal assistant. Bug fixes. We're excited to announce Cortana v3. This release brings new features to help you on the go. Bug fixes and quality improvements.

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We wish you a great with Cortana, your smart digital assistant. Introducing a brand-new Cortana for iPad design.