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With this enabled you will not be able to log in to the share from your Mac.

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Authenticate by the user-name and password. To fix this there are a couple of options. Case 1, your server is nothing more than a regular file server. Case 2, your server is also a Domain Controller. Digitally sign communications if client agrees ".

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Reboot your sever, and you should be good to go. Edit Related wikiHows. Used those drivers to install with your steps above and it worked perfectly. Macguy you are a genius!!! And very patient with a tech idiot such as myself. You need root privileges here, not necessarily the actual root account. No need to compile anything. I recently obtained a new Windows computer that is running Windows Home Premium. I checked the print queues on the Windows computer and it says that an error occurred.

I installed Bonjour 1. The G4 Quicksilver to which the printers are connected is using OS The computer has 1. I have other Macintosh computers connected to the router either via ethernet or wirelessly that print to the three printers that are connected to the G4. Out of curiosity, what kind of printers are attached to your Mac? Since you say you installed Bonjour, have you tried adding a printer using the Bonjour Printer Wizard? I have not tried adding a printer using the Bonjour Printer Wizard not quite sure how I would do that.

I tried using the Bonjour Printer Wizard and receive an error message: When I attempt to use printers that I have set up per the method described on the web page the following error message appears in the Status field of the printer queue: I have been trying to connect my PC with Windows 7 to my Mac-connected printer all afternoon and this is the only thing that has worked!

You solution was the first that got me anywhere. Bonjour did not work. It would find and install the printer, but would not actually print. Same thing when adding as a network printer http: With your method, it actually started printing. Problem was that it printed blank white sheets. I figured it must be the driver. Deleted the printer and tried again with a new PS driver the port will still exist, so that saves some steps , but I have yet to find a driver that will work. I see no PS drivers under the Canon category. I have the exact same issue with the iP Set it up using a LPR Port and all that as suggested in the article.

You ever manage to sort it out? Same boat. Windows 7 client, Mac running OS X I am on OSX The Windows laptop is running Windows 7 Home Premium. At one point, the Canon MP printer was installed on the Windows 7 box, but I deleted it prior to attempting your instructions via suggestions in another forum talking about the Bonjour error message listed above. Once I turned it off, I was able to complete the other steps.

Do you have any custom firewall or security software installed on your Windows computer? AVG Free, windows firewall. I got the laptop at Best Buy, have to check if they did anything screwy when setting it up.

Print from Windows 7 to a Mac Shared Printer

I try evry thing but it want work. Sorry i it works i have a other printer driver install. But howe can i delete the printer that is adit with bonjour? Go to the File menu in your browser and choose Print. In the Select Printer section of the print window, right-click on the printer you want to delete and select Delete.

Tanks if i know this early my wife wasnt angry for the hours beheand the laptop instad do the thinks like put the trash outsite. I tried using the browser then Print etc. I get the error message that you posted in step 6. Printer sharing is enabled on the Mac, and i have the correct que name. Im not sure if im using the correct i.

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That is the name that im currently using. However, i have tryed the I. P address of my wireless network, but i also got the error message in step 6. I have also tryed an I. P address from whatsmyip. This is completely different to my network i. I am using the HP PS driver as well. I then goto print a test page and nothing happens. I get just an an! I have followed your instructions to the letter and it all went perfectly until I print the test page from the PC.

How to Network a PC With a Mac to Share Files and Printers

Unfortunately I have no luck so far, been trying for 3 days, you have easy to follow instructions, thank you. I get step 6 error, tried to ping Mac from W7 and it does ping, tried other drivers without success. I even gave my Mac a different IP — thought that would fix it but no luck there too.

As for Bonjour 1. You might try uninstalling Bonjour. Saw your post and was working in 5 minutes. I have the same problem as Marvo. CUPS shows that my print jobs are completed, but nothing came off the printer! I learned the hard way too, Bonjour does not work — yet — on Windows 7. Found this post, followed the manual I used the Color Laserjet PS driver on Windows 7 side build in while printing to a Photosmart series connected to a Mac.

But still no prints!! Thanks for this post. That will take you to the right place. Now working!! I started again, deleted all previosu attempts and went to add a network printer, and did the search. Why, who knows? Will it keep working? Fingers crossed……. Very clear instructions, thank you. However, in point 7 you recommend choosing a Postscript printer driver. I simply found the nearest driver name to my printer although the exact one was not listed — was it a postscript printer? Who knows? I continued to follow the instructions and got that LPR Port configuration warning, but struggled on, knowing my settings were correct.

No success, unfortunately. You must use a driver that is postscript for this to work. Thank you. Your instructions are clear very easy to follow. Can you help with configuring Win7 to see my Imac I downloaded latest version of bonjour and installed on both my vista laptop and windows 7 desktop.

The vista installation allowed me to print without a hitch. But the Windows 7 would be ok up to the point I had to print a test page. After reading this, I ran the bonjour print services wizard again, but this time, made sure I specified the LaserJet PS driver. This had me stumped for waaaay too long. Thanks so much! This worked like a charm! I spent way too much time trying other things before googling this page. The clue here was to use a postscript driver: So,,, download Bonjour from apple is still the easiest way.

Have Windows 7 Home installed. Ran Windows 7 troubleshooting and it tells me to add printers to homegroup. It hung there too.

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Great instructions, unfortunately I can still not get my windows 7 machine to print. All of the steps you described above very clear, thank you worked but when I print on my windows 7 machine, I see the print job in the printer properties with status Spooling and the job goes no further. I see nothing on the print queue on my MAC.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. It worked great for me.

How to print to a Windows printer from a MAC

I used it on 3 Windows 7 machines. A Brother Multifunction Printer. Thanks for your instructions which solved a big problem for me. I need now to understand why it works. I have an HP Photosmart C printer which has worked wirelessly from both my Mac and Windows applications for several months. Recently, the printer stopped working from Windows but still works OK from the Mac applications. Clearly something is not set up properly, either in the Mac or on the Windows 7 side. Any ideas about what do I need to do? It driving me crazy!! Thanks and best regards, Pete. This support article tells you how: I spoke a bit too soon, the setup appeared to work great, and when i print from the windows machine it all works, the job is created, and shortly afterward it is gone from the queue.

Looking at the console on the iMac Sep 26 Connection from: Unable to create job — Not allowed to print. Rather than hunting for it, I would reset the printing system on the Mac. Easiest way to do the reset is from the Printers Sys Prefs. Just right click anywhere in the Printers list and select Reset Printing System…. Thanks for the info. Test page shows up in colour, but nothing else. Any thoughts? These instructions worked for me. On the router I set the iMac to always use the same IP address, thinking that would help. I thought that I had followed all your instructions correctly but I still can not print on a Windows 7 PC to a printer that is connected to my Mac Time capsule.

I deleted al the pending documents and then tried to reinstall as per your instruction but I now get the err message that LPR port has already been created. I would appreciate it if you could offer some suggestions. Regards Gary. Your time capsule came with an installer disc that has the Windows Bonjour setup program. You can also download it here: Appreciate the quick reply. Thanks for this article. After beating my head against Snow Leopard and Windows 7 Starter for two weeks, I finally found the two new hints that I needed to get things working:.

Maybe after this tip Bonjour would have worked for me, but I just plunged forward with the rest of what I found on the Interwebs:. Mavericks has only dnssd enabled by default and enabling lpd is a must! Hi Really useful article! The printer appeared in the Bonjour panel. So I was able to delete the printer created in your walkthrough. Your are the man the mac guy.

My printing problems are solved by following this article. Thanks for providing this service. Following the instructions as written worked perfect using IMAC New Windows 7 64 now prints wirelessly to this printer. Only small glitch was not entering the IP address of the Mac correctly on the first try. So glad to have googled into your site! Thank you so much for the help which worked perfectly, when I followed each step properly rather than thinking I knew better. Cheers, A. Worked perfectly on Powermac G5 Initially chose relevant driver for Canon printer but failed!

Following them, I have indeed managed to install a Windows 7 printer that sends jobs to an Epson Firewire printer that is in fact plugged into a Mac running The queue also shows that each job was submitted by Owner although I really do have a named account. Everything worked as your article instructed. Why does it only work with a PS driver? Neither of these things is intuitive to me…. I specified not to share the printer on the Windows side because it would just be re-sharing an already shared printer. You could, of course, try it if you wanted to. Your comment about resharing a shared printer makes sense.

Restoring the system, including Bonjour from from a Restore Point brought it all back. Did not realize that Bonjour is still needed and still wonder why? Thanks, Pierre. Thank you so much! This worked perfectly for me! I so appreciate your posting these instructions. I spent my entire spring break trying to figure this out. I have followed your instructions to the letter — but get the error pop-up in step 6. I tried continuing and completed the installation with the same print driver you used.

I would try installing Bonjour on your Vista computer and using the included Printer Wizard to connect. I could not log in at the CUPS admin tab using my name and password though.. Like a few other posters, I am a little puzzled as to why it is necessary for the procedure to work but work it does.